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The truth about Men's Health

Many men think that sexual performance issues can be helped by medication, or are irreversible. They are often left to find answers on their own, but unfortunately, most of what is out there is inaccurate, misleading, and at times harmful. Join this podcast to hear from a medical doctor with 20 years experience and a focus on medication-free solutions.

Performance Confidence

Credible answers on Performance Confidence from a medical doctor with 20 years experience.

Medication Free Advice

The medication free way to achieving health and happiness. Take a stand against big Pharma.

Your Intimacy Questions

Overcome the depression and anxiety that can set in when you avoid intimacy with your partner.

Dr Anne Truong Intimate Health MD

Meet Dr. Anne

Intimate Health MD

My name is Dr. Anne Truong, I am here to congratulate you on taking action by joining us here and listening to my podcast!

Over 7,000 men have trusted me with their health. In this podcast, you will get get credible answers on Performance Confidence from me, a medical doctor with 20 years experience. 

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Tired of feeling flaccid? Wondering how to take your penis to the next level? In this podcast episode, I’ll crack the code on peak performance below the belt! I’m talking rock-solid erections, improved stamina, and a whole lot more. Forget the blue pill, I’m dropping the truth bombs on the seven habits you NEED to adopt for a healthier, happier you. So, buckle up, Modern Man, and get ready to rewrite the rules of your bedroom game!

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7 Penis Health Tips For Every Man In 20247 Things You MUST Do To Keep Your Penis Healthy

Is your penis under attack? You might be sabotaging your sex life without even knowing it! Discover the shocking truth about seven sneaky habits that could be killing your erections. From bedroom blunders to lifestyle bombshells, I’m spilling the beans on how to protect your pride and joy. Tune in and learn how to boost your bedroom performance and reclaim your confidence!

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7 Things NOT To Do With Your Penis

Ever feel like the spark has faded in your relationship? In this podcast episode, I talk to Dr. Kate Mangona, a marriage and intimacy coach, about getting the love back on track. Dr. Mangona offers clear advice on how to overcome common problems, like communication, couples face and understand how men and women can approach intimacy differently. You’ll learn practical tips that can make a real difference in your relationship and bring back the joy. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss, and it could be just what you need to rekindle the flame in your marriage!

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Sex Talk for Better Sexual Performance

Ever wonder if strong abs are good for more than just a six-pack? In this podcast episode, we will dive into the surprising connection between your core and your sex life. We will explore the link between your abs, erection, and overall penis health. I’ll also share tips and other lifestyle changes for keeping your waistline healthy. Tune in to learn how simple fitness and diet choices can boost your sexual confidence and overall well-being.

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The HIDDEN Link Between Your Abs & Penis Health (Men Must See!)

Are you curious about a medication that can enhance your desire and arousal almost instantly? In this podcast episode, we’ll dive into apomorphine, a medication used to treat certain conditions. I’ll discuss how it works, its advantages, and potential side effects. You’ll also learn how to safely use apomorphine with other medications. Tune in and explore how apomorphine can significantly improve your sexual health. It’s an informative discussion you won’t want to miss!

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Apomorphine: Natural Sexual Booster

Could PT 141 be the game-changing solution for sexual dysfunction? In this podcast episode, we dive into the science behind PT 141. Discover how this FDA-approved treatment offers superior benefits over traditional ED medications like Viagra. Tune in and learn why this peptide might be the approach you’ve been looking!

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PT 141 Peptide: The NEW Male Enhancement Secret? | Is This Injectable BETTER Than Viagra?

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I've had the best orgasm since. It's a great feeling, and we have better sex now than we've ever had. We've been married 20 years so I would definitely recommend it

I was so so depressed I did research, and I've heard of a procedure called P shot. Now, I've got stronger erections. It's done a lot for my libido, has done a lot for my mindset, and it has just took my whole manhood to another state, another level in pleasure.

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Now i can last up to 20 minutes and and our sex life is a lot more satisfying. She usually has at least one orgasm if not more!

I've had the pellets treatment and I feel great on them and it's very much worth the money to do that. I mean, I feel like i'm in my 30s again, it's great!

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