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The truth about Men's Health

Many men think that sexual performance issues can be helped by medication, or are irreversible. They are often left to find answers on their own, but unfortunately, most of what is out there is inaccurate, misleading, and at times harmful. Join this podcast to hear from a medical doctor with 20 years experience and a focus on medication-free solutions.

Performance Confidence

Credible answers on Performance Confidence from a medical doctor with 20 years experience.

Medication Free Advice

The medication free way to achieving health and happiness. Take a stand against big Pharma.

Your Intimacy Questions

Overcome the depression and anxiety that can set in when you avoid intimacy with your partner.

Dr Anne Truong Intimate Health MD

Meet Dr. Anne

Intimate Health MD

My name is Dr. Anne Truong, I am here to congratulate you on taking action by joining us here and listening to my podcast!

Over 7,000 men have trusted me with their health. In this podcast, you will get get credible answers on Performance Confidence from me, a medical doctor with 20 years experience. 

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Have you ever wondered about the idea that there could be a test to measure your most primal and inherent drive – your libido? Or that your testosterone levels could be scientifically quantified? If you haven’t yet, today is your lucky day! And if you have, well, we’re about to feed your curiosity in a way that will leave you feeling more enlightened than ever before. Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating universe of libido and testosterone testing. Trust me; it’s a topic well worth your time and attention! So stay tuned, sit back, and let’s navigate this journey of discovery.

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Testosterone Level Test – Men’s Sexual Health Quiz

Do you know there is a test that you can take to see if you have ED or not? And to see if you improve after treatment? Well, stay tuned in this episode, as I dive into the world of erectile dysfunction (ED). I will shed light on a crucial aspect of ED that often remains unexplored. Join me as I uncover the valuable insights surrounding the ED test and treatment journey.

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Measurement of ED – Assessing the Severity of Your Erectile Dysfunction

Get ready to dive into an exciting conversation about two crucial aspects of men’s sexual well-being: conquering performance anxiety and maximizing testosterone levels. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the amazing Chas Gessner to explore these topics in depth. Performance anxiety can be a common concern for many men. Chas will be sharing valuable insights on how to navigate through it. We’ll also dive into the fascinating world of testosterone, the hormone that plays a vital role in energy, libido, and overall vitality. Stay tuned, because this conversation with Chas is bound to be a game-changer. I’ll see you on the inside!

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Performance Anxiety & Testosterone Boost: Unlocking Sexual Vitality

What’s really going on when it comes to the relationship between sex and emotion? How do they influence each other? If you’ve ever been curious about these questions – you’re in luck! This episode, Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill will help you explore the intricate connection between sex and emotion. They will also share practical strategies to help you express your emotions during intimate moments.

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The Power of Emotion: Exploring the Connection Between Emotion and Sex

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your body and mind during an orgasm? Prepare to be enlightened as I take you on a captivating journey into the scientific depths of the most pleasurable experience known to mankind. Get ready to discover the surprising physical and psychological effects of climax and how this knowledge can lead to a more fulfilling sex life.

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Orgasm: Discovering the Science and Secrets Behind Pleasure!

Dive into the episode as I discuss performance anxiety. I’ll be discussing its impact on your ability to perform at your best, particularly during a sexual encounter. I will discuss strategies and treatments that can help you manage and overcome this type of anxiety. I will also provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you overcome this common issue. Tune in to learn more about overcoming performance anxiety and living a more fulfilling life.

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Overcoming Performance Anxiety: Strategies and Treatments

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Now i can last up to 20 minutes and and our sex life is a lot more satisfying. She usually has at least one orgasm if not more!

I've had the pellets treatment and I feel great on them and it's very much worth the money to do that. I mean, I feel like i'm in my 30s again, it's great!

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