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The truth about Men's Health

Many men think that sexual performance issues can be helped by medication, or are irreversible. They are often left to find answers on their own, but unfortunately, most of what is out there is inaccurate, misleading, and at times harmful. Join this podcast to hear from a medical doctor with 20 years experience and a focus on medication-free solutions.

Performance Confidence

Credible answers on Performance Confidence from a medical doctor with 20 years experience.

Medication Free Advice

The medication free way to achieving health and happiness. Take a stand against big Pharma.

Your Intimacy Questions

Overcome the depression and anxiety that can set in when you avoid intimacy with your partner.

Dr Anne Truong Intimate Health MD

Meet Dr. Anne

Intimate Health MD

My name is Dr. Anne Truong, I am here to congratulate you on taking action by joining us here and listening to my podcast!

Over 7,000 men have trusted me with their health. In this podcast, you will get get credible answers on Performance Confidence from me, a medical doctor with 20 years experience. 

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Ever wondered why ‘morning wood’ is a thing, or how your thoughts alone can lead to an erection? If you’re skipping this episode, you’re missing out on some fascinating secrets of your own body! Welcome to a deep dive into the world of erections, where I’ll unravel the mysteries behind this natural phenomenon. We’ll explore the four distinct types of erections. We’ll also delve into what influences their duration and reveal essential tips for maintaining your sexual health. Whether you’re curious about your own body or just seeking some intriguing facts, this episode is packed with eye-opening insights. So, tune in, stay engaged, and prepare to be amazed by the complexities and wonders of the human body!

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The Four Types of Erection Every Man Should Know

Have you ever considered that the path to longevity might be found in the intimacy of your own bedroom? In this podcast episode, we’re diving deep into a topic that’s as fascinating as it is important: the connection between sex and longevity. Forget about mundane health routines; we’re here to explore how the pleasures of your private life can be a powerful key to your overall wellness. I will unveil 12 surprising ways that an active sex life can contribute to your longevity. Whether it’s a natural method to boost your immune system, a fun way to burn calories, or a secret weapon against major diseases, I’ve got compelling insights backed by scientific research. So, snuggle up, tune in, and get ready to be amazed. You’re about to discover how embracing your sexuality could be one of the best decisions you make for your long-term health!

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12 Unexpected Benefits of Sex for Longer Life

Have you ever wondered how an enlarged prostate could impact your sexual health? In this podcast episode, I’ll unravel the often misunderstood link between Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). We’ll dive deep into the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and explore its prevalence and contributing factors. We’ll also examine the intricate ways in which BPH treatments can influence erectile function. Join me as I decode the complexities of men’s health. I’ll shed light on a topic that’s not only vital but also rarely discussed openly. Tune in now to understand more about your body and empower yourself with knowledge!

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Does an Enlarged Prostate (BPH) Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Is it possible to regain sexual health after prostate surgery? This question lingers in the minds of many facing this life-altering procedure. In this podcast episode, I delve into the complex interplay between prostate surgery and erectile dysfunction (ED). We’ll also explore effective strategies for penile rehabilitation and innovative treatments that are offering new hope to men post-surgery. So, join me in this enlightening journey as I break down myths and discuss scientific findings. I will also guide you through the path to recovery and improved sexual health after prostate surgery.

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The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Surgery

Is there a needle of hope for men struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED)? ED affects not just physical health, but emotional and mental well-being too. But what if ancient practices could offer new hope? What if needles, not just pills, could hold the key to a better understanding and management of ED? Well, in this episode, we’re delving into a topic that’s both sensitive and incredibly important – the potential of acupuncture in treating ED. We’ll uncover the science behind acupuncture, its specific application for ED, and what the latest research says about this intriguing form of treatment. We have a lot to cover, from the efficacy and safety of acupuncture to the specific points used by acupuncturists. So, stay tuned as we prick the surface of this fascinating topic.

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Acupuncture Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction: What’s the Evidence?

Can you reclaim your intimacy after prostate surgery? Prostate surgery, while a lifesaver for many, often brings along an unwelcome companion – erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s a reality that many men face, but it’s not the end of the road. In this podcast episode, we’ll explore the natural and effective solutions to help you reclaim your sexual health and intimacy post-prostate surgery. So, let’s dive into these life-changing tips and start the journey toward recovery and renewed intimacy.

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Recover Your Sexual Function After Prostate Surgery

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I've had the best orgasm since. It's a great feeling, and we have better sex now than we've ever had. We've been married 20 years so I would definitely recommend it

I was so so depressed I did research, and I've heard of a procedure called P shot. Now, I've got stronger erections. It's done a lot for my libido, has done a lot for my mindset, and it has just took my whole manhood to another state, another level in pleasure.

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Now i can last up to 20 minutes and and our sex life is a lot more satisfying. She usually has at least one orgasm if not more!

I've had the pellets treatment and I feel great on them and it's very much worth the money to do that. I mean, I feel like i'm in my 30s again, it's great!

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