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Many men think that sexual performance issues can be helped by medication, or are irreversible. They are often left to find answers on their own, but unfortunately, most of what is out there is inaccurate, misleading, and at times harmful. Join this podcast to hear from a medical doctor with 20 years experience and a focus on medication-free solutions.

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Credible answers on Performance Confidence from a medical doctor with 20 years experience.

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The medication free way to achieving health and happiness. Take a stand against big Pharma.

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Overcome the depression and anxiety that can set in when you avoid intimacy with your partner.

Dr Anne Truong Intimate Health MD

Meet Dr. Anne

Intimate Health MD

My name is Dr. Anne Truong, I am here to congratulate you on taking action by joining us here and listening to my podcast!

Over 7,000 men have trusted me with their health. In this podcast, you will get get credible answers on Performance Confidence from me, a medical doctor with 20 years experience. 

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Many men suffer from ED, a common condition that is commonly treated with medications like Viagra and Cialis. Although some ED medications can offer temporary ED relief, they may still not deal with the underlying causes of the condition. In fact, taking ED medications for an extended time may cause blood flow restrictions worse and require the use of higher doses. Tune in to the episode as I dive into the mechanisms behind ED medications and why relying solely on them may not be the best solution for addressing the root causes of ED.

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ED Medications Make Your ED Worse

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses acoustic waves to improve blood flow and promote tissue regeneration in the penis. Studies have shown that shockwave therapy can be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. For today’s episode, I’m going to talk about the new protocols that we have for shockwave therapy for ED. This will uplevel your erection, and improve your orgasm and ejaculation.

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Shockwave Therapy: A Breakthrough Solution for ED and Stronger Pelvic Muscle

Have you ever taken a medication to treat a condition only to find that the symptoms return once the medication is discontinued? This episode will investigate why taking medications does not necessarily eradicate the underlying condition. Additionally, I will discuss strategies for managing chronic conditions in the long-term.

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Understanding the Limitations of Taking Medications for Your Condition

Did you know that some ED medications can have serious side effects that go far beyond the bedroom? From sudden vision loss to increased risk of heart attack, these drugs can have a significant impact on your health. If you’re curious to learn more about the potential risks associated with ED medications, keep reading – the answers may surprise you.

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ED Medications – It May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Watching pornography can be a normal part of a healthy sex life and shall not be accompanied by feelings of guilt or shame. However, if you find that your watching habits are becoming excessive, this could be indicative of an addiction to porn. Although this behavior may seem innocuous, if left unchecked porn addiction can have a negative impact on one’s home life, work life, and personal relationships. In this episode, Roman Mironov a coach trained by a Tony Robbins’ program and been porn-free for 8+ years, will share his strategy and motivation to help people do the same. We’re gonna hear about his journey on how he did it, so stay tuned.

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Porn Addiction and ED: An Action Plan for Moving Beyond Pornography

Many men may experience erectile dysfunction at some point, yet they may be reluctant to consult their doctors on the matter. To address this, I have compiled a list of the ten most frequently asked questions regarding erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile Dysfunction 101: Answering the Top 10 FAQs on ED

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I've had the best orgasm since. It's a great feeling, and we have better sex now than we've ever had. We've been married 20 years so I would definitely recommend it

I was so so depressed I did research, and I've heard of a procedure called P shot. Now, I've got stronger erections. It's done a lot for my libido, has done a lot for my mindset, and it has just took my whole manhood to another state, another level in pleasure.

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Now i can last up to 20 minutes and and our sex life is a lot more satisfying. She usually has at least one orgasm if not more!

I've had the pellets treatment and I feel great on them and it's very much worth the money to do that. I mean, I feel like i'm in my 30s again, it's great!

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