July 21, 2022 12:30 pm

Workout for Sexual Fitness with Eric the Trainer

Have you ever looked at a celebrity and thought, “Man! They are so attractive and fit. How do they not struggle with things like ED?” Well, you may be surprised to hear that even major celebrities (especially males) secretly battle with sexual issues. When that happens, Eric the Trainer is the one they call.

Eric is a personal trainer and coach who takes a unique approach to train actors, musicians, MMA fighters, and athletes for better sexual fitness and physical transformation in under three to six weeks. In fact, he says after that short amount of time, he’s able to make men and women look like “Tarzan and Jane.” His technique has been featured in major outlets like Muscle, Fitness, and Train Magazine.

Eric is here to explain the relationship between fitness and sexual health, his unique approaches, and the powerful ways they help celebrities (and you) combat sexual issues. If you want to build confidence in the bedroom and overcome sexual challenges, you’re in the right place!

Workout for Sexual Fitness with Eric the Trainer

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Active Life, Better Health, and Youthful Stamina No Matter Your Age

Myth: As you age, your sexual health naturally declines. Fact: Not only can you maintain youthful sexual function, but it can even become stronger over time! One thing Eric said that struck me is that in his 50s, he has more and better sex than he’s ever had in his life. And it all starts with an active lifestyle.

Sexual fitness is not only about having a toned body. It's also about having a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. Here are some of the benefits of sexual fitness:

• You'll feel more confident and sexy.

• You'll have better sex.

• You'll reduce your risk of developing health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and stroke.

• You'll have more energy and stamina.

• You'll improve your overall physical health.

So how do we go about getting those results?

Sexual Health

topless man in black pants holding black and yellow exercise equipment
To increase physical health, you need to engage in physical activity, thus is the case for sexual health

Here’s a thought, to increase physical health, you need to engage in physical activity. So how do you build up sexual health? That’s right! You need to engage in sexual activity. Sex is considered an incredible workout, and workouts are designed to build muscle. The penis is a muscle like any other, meaning “use it or lose it.” If you don’t use it, it can actually atrophy

Men need to maintain their sexuality. It should be regular, enjoyable, and ultimately give you confidence. Men and women who have sex more often have been proven to live longer and fall into depression less than anyone else. Some of you know my prescription already: have sex at least 3 times a week.

With an organ that demands a higher blood flow per centimeter than any other in the body, the penis needs you to demand more from it. While that sounds good, truly enjoying and pursuing a healthy sex life takes a fact we often overlook to get the ball rolling.

Physical Health

Eric the Trainer’s approach is based on the sound science that your lifestyle (diet and physical activity) is one of the biggest factors in your sexual performance. When you get those two things right, other things start falling into place. But it’s more than just working out; it’s more like art. Eric’s techniques take in a holistic ideology that gets the best results.

If you think you have to work out 3 to 5 times a week, your head isn’t in the right place just yet. Physical health is a “lifestyle,” meaning it’s an everyday venture. It doesn’t have to look like going to the gym every time, but we should be finding ways to break a sweat and get our heart rate up daily.

Going beyond just exercise, you need to take sleep into account. We all know we need 8 hours of sleep, but how many do you get on a regular basis? The trick is to make your sleep patterns habitual. It’s not just enough to get 8 hours of sleep but to make your schedule as regular as possible. This can improve your sex life, mood, and even your weight.

On the topic of weight, Eric pointed out that your diet is a key indicator of your sexual health. For busy people who may not have the time to prep meals and keep track of nutrition, Eric suggested checking out sunfare.com, a food delivery service.

His diet consists of animal-based proteins, water-based carbohydrates, lots of water, green tea, and coffee (without milk or sugar). If you add fruits, nuts, and veggies to your diet, you’ll be well on your way to the sexual health you desire.

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Physical health is a lifestyle

Practical Tips to Encouraging Bloodflow to Your Pelvic Region

Have you ever heard of Qi Gong (Chee gong)? It’s an ancient Eastern practice notorious for improving circulation, blood flow, and overall health. Eric’s experience using this practice and seeing the results in clients firsthand has led to a unique protocol that may just get things started for you.

First, they go to regions in the pelvic section and rub vigorously for 30 to 90 seconds which summons nutrient-rich blood to the area. Going to the base of the testicles and gently massaging the area where blood surges from can initiate blood flow where you seem to be losing it.

In more extreme cases, going to the lower pelvic floor between the testicles and the anus and massaging in a circular motion with medium pressure (starting light then working your way harder). After that, Eric suggests stroking the penis and even encourages masturbating to start the systems and processes involved in sex up again.

How to Work with Eric to Look and Feel Like “Lord of the Jungle”

If you want to overcome sexual challenges and get your fitness levels on track, look no further than Eric the Trainer. His website and online classes offer comprehensive guidance and support, so you can finally achieve the sexual satisfaction you deserve.

Eric's approach is simple but effective. He provides clear instructions and step-by-step guides, so you can learn how to improve your sex life on your own terms.

It’s time to work on the issues preventing you from having the sexual experiences you want and deserve and end up looking sleek, strong, and empowered in the process. Join Eric’s classes on ericthetrainerlive and sign up with the coupon code: TRYIT for 40% off his online class.

Final Thoughts

As always, I hope I left you with some food for thought and some actions to take away and apply. My conversation with Eric was so enlightening and fun. If you thought that was interesting, tune in to the podcast episode for an even deeper discussion, celebrity-level tips and strategies, and more resources with Eric the Trainer.

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