July 14, 2022 12:30 pm

Here’s a pretty common scenario: you go out with your partner for a night out and have a couple of drinks. You go back home, and things start heating up, and suddenly, (*queue sad slide whistle noise) things aren’t working quite how they should. What’s happening?

While there is some debate about the effects of alcohol on men's sexual performance, many people believe that alcohol can impair men's ability to have an enjoyable and satisfying sexual experience. That might not necessarily be the case. In fact, a little alcohol might go a long way to improve your sexual performance.

Each man will experience different results based on his own body and drinking habits. However, some general effects can occur when alcohol is consumed. How much is too much? What’s happening in the body? Here is everything you need to know about drinking alcohol and how it affects your erection.

What Is a Whiskey Dick?

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  • How much Alcohol is Too Much for the Body to Handle and Why?
  • What is “Whiskey Dick,” and How do You Avoid it?
  • How Alcohol Can Potentially Help You Get An Erection
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Episode Video

How much Alcohol is Too Much for the Body to Handle and Why?

Studies have shown that drinking 1 to 2 glasses of alcohol can be good for your erection. Any more than that, and you’re running into dangerous territory.

More than 14 drinks during a week or too many during one night can trigger impairments between the signals in the brain and the penis. Too much alcohol can also lower testosterone levels, affecting blood flow from the brain to the penis. This is why it might become more difficult to get stiff or as stiff as you usually would.

Photographer: Julia Nastogadka | Source: Unsplash

What is “Whiskey Dick,” and How do You Avoid it?

This is a term I hear get thrown around now and again. Whiskey Dick is when you exceed that 2 drink a day level, and those impairments I mentioned start to take effect. In fact, too much alcohol can even impair nerves in the brain and penis that are essential for maintaining an erection.

So how do you avoid this? First off, be aware of how much you’re regularly drinking. While it may seem like a small amount initially, alcohol tends to “add up” over time. Next, know your limits and tolerance levels. Everyone is different. You may be out after 1 to 2 drinks, and others may be able to drink and metabolize large amounts of alcohol pretty quickly.

As a rule of thumb, keep your limits low if you’re looking to boost your performance and avoid the dreaded Whiskey Dick!

How Alcohol Can Potentially Help You Get An Erection

Some of you reading this may think that it’s best to eliminate alcohol altogether. While that may be a good strategy for some, a little alcohol may actually go quite a long way for you, in a good way.

I frequently say that the brain is the largest sexual organ in the body.

If you're looking to relax and ease your way into an erection, those 1 or 2 drinks can help you. Alcohol has been shown to help lower blood pressure and anxiety levels, making it easier to get aroused. Additionally, alcohol can help improve your circulation, leading to a stronger erection.

There are 6 systems involved in getting an erection:

  1. The Brain
  2. Emotions
  3. Hormones
  4. Nerves
  5. Blood vessels
  6. Muscles in the Penis

If your mind is relaxed and you’re in the mood, then everything will flow smoothly through the 6 systems, and you’ll be able to enjoy the moment more.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, I’ve dispelled a couple of myths around the effects of alcohol on erections or shed some light on why your nights out might be ending in lousy performance. As long as things are done in moderation, they might become beneficial for you.

If you tend to drink a lot, try limiting yourself the next time you’re out and see how it affects you and your performance. If you have a bit of anxiety in anticipation of sex, maybe have a drink or two and see if it takes the edge off and lets you relax into a stronger erection.

Thanks for reading. Are you looking to keep your sexual health in check? Check out our latest episode on the links between alcohol and erectile dysfunction. Tune in to our other episodes for even more modern revelations on sexual health for men.

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