December 26, 2023 5:00 pm

Did you know that a small organ near your penis could be the key to understanding your sexual health and wellness? Hear from an expert who not only treats patients with prostate-related issues but also shares personal experiences that highlight the organ's significance. We're also breaking down complex medical concepts into understandable terms. Learn about the prostate's role in erectile function, the consequences of its enlargement, and the interconnected nature of prostate and erectile health.

So, tune in to this podcast for an informative, engaging, and potentially life-changing discussion about the prostate’s health. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and take control of your health.

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The Prostate – Function and Misconceptions

Despite its significance, the prostate remains a largely misunderstood organ. Dr. Rachel points out that its critical position at the base of the erectile tissue, coupled with its role in ejaculation and lymphatic drainage, makes it a key player in sexual health. She explains how an enlarged prostate can impair ejaculatory function and affect erectile health due to restricted blood flow and nerve signal transmission.

The Impact of Prostate on Erectile Function

The podcast also takes a closer look at how the prostate can "steal" the ability to maintain erections. Dr. Rachel discusses the pudendal nerve bundle and how a prostate’s enlargement can lead to compromised blood supply to the nerves, affecting erectile function. This issue is further exacerbated by factors like prolonged sitting and aging.

Strategies for Managing Prostate Health

Prostate - Same size as a walnut

Dr. Rachel introduces various tools and methods she uses in her practice, such as the shockwave therapy on the prostate and the use of prostate massagers. She also explains the principles behind these techniques and their role in promoting prostate health.

Prostate Massage

One of the traditional methods for managing prostate health is prostate massage. This technique helps in lymphatic drainage and clearing blockages, thereby improving the prostate’s function. Also, it can be performed in various ways, such as internally, via the perineum, or superpubically. Each of these methods target different prostate’s aspect.

Shockwave Therapy

In addition to the massage, shockwave therapy has emerged as a successful approach for treating prostate issues and improving erectile function. This method involves applying sonic waves to the prostate to stimulate healing and improve blood flow.

Importance of Early Intervention and Comprehensive Care

Experts stress the importance of early and holistic approaches to prostate health. This includes lifestyle modifications, appropriate medical interventions, and the use of supplements. Such comprehensive care is crucial for maintaining not only the prostate’s health but also overall sexual function and quality of life.

Prostate Plus Flow: A Novel Supplement

Dr. Rachel concludes the podcast by introducing "Prostate Plus Flow," a supplement inspired by her father's journey. It's designed to support prostate, bladder, and erectile health, showcasing her commitment to comprehensive men's health care.

Also, for those interested in exploring these treatments and preventive measures, resources and products are available at Dr. Rachael's website and Dr. Rachael Institute. These platforms offer access to prostate massagers and the newly launched Prostate Plus Flow supplement.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the key to maintaining prostate health lies in early detection, informed lifestyle choices, and embracing both traditional and modern treatment methods. Whether it's through massage, shockwave therapy, or simply being more mindful about our health choices, each step is a stride towards a healthier life.

Thus, let's take the knowledge and insights gained from Dr. Rachael Ross to heart. Prioritizing your prostate’s health is not just about addressing a medical condition; it's about enhancing our overall life experience. I encourage you to be proactive, seek medical advice when necessary, and never underestimate the importance of this crucial organ.

About Dr. Rachael Ross

Dr. Rachael Ross is a distinguished figure in American functional medicine with a specialized focus on men's health. Her commitment to this field is deeply personal, inspired by her father's health challenges-including prostate health. Also, she’s board-certified family medicine physician and clinical sexologist. Dr. Ross has made a global impact, coaching thousands on sexual and reproductive health, relationships, and sex. She's also the founder of the Dr. Rachael Institute, where she trains and certifies sexologists, fostering stronger family bonds.

In addition, Dr. Ross's academic credentials include degrees from Vanderbilt University and Meharry Medical College, with a Ph.D. mentored by Dr. William Granzig. Beyond her professional life, she is a family-oriented person, enjoying life with her husband, two daughters, and a small dog. Dr. Ross also gained wider public recognition as a co-host on "The Doctors". She also has contributed to various major publications and TV shows, including Dr. Phil and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Connect with Dr. Ross

For more insights and to connect with Dr. Rachael Ross, visit her websites at RR Wellness Consulting and The Dr. Rachael Institute. You can also follow her and get regular updates on:

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