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There is a natural, safe, non-surgical, no medication treatment for erectile dysfunction. The Priapus Shot uses your blood to restore penis tissues and restores blood flow to treat the root cause of ED. Innovative, new technology with no side effects and can last up to a year. The P Shot can be combined with other treatment modalities such as shock wave therapy, penile pumping, peptides, hormone replacement therapy, healthy lifestyle changes.

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How It Works: Using Your Own Blood To Heal Yourself

Viagra, penile implants, penile injectables, hormones, do not create new blood vessels to the penis. The Priapus shot or P Shot is using your blood to heal yourself. The platelets are in your blood, its function is the create a clot and start a healing process.

The Process Behind the Priapus Shot or (P-Shot)

Platelets Rich Plasma and the P Shot

Platelets Rich Plasma is the Platelets that is concentrated from blood, for example, 60cc of blood (2 ounces). PRP is placed into an injured area, can regenerate the tissue by increasing blood flow and regenerating cells. When PRP is placed into the penis over a period of weeks to months it creates new blood vessels and new soft tissue to improve blood flow to the penis and therefore improve the ability to maintain an erection.

The Priapism Shot or P Shot is an injection of PRP into the penis. The PRP is prepared in an FDA-approved kit is used to process whole blood drawn up from the vein. After a few minutes in the centrifuge that spins and separates the blood is separated into a Platelets Rich layer. The is put into a syringe and injected painlessly into the penis. I included a diagram of this process in the show note.

An Alternative to ED Medication

The Priapus Shot® offers an appealing, conservative, and often effective step to take before taking ED medications. The P shot enlarges the penis and treats ED by treating the blood flow problem, you can get an erection in 3-6 weeks, the benefit lasts up to a year or more. Some patients may require more than one shot. With each subsequent shot, you will become more sensitive, have a firmer erection, and have a better and more intense orgasm.

Typical Benefits Of the Priapus Shot

This painless procedure can improve sex, libido, and relationships. Other benefits are Strengthening of the penis, Straightening of the penis, Increased circulation in the penis for a  healthier organ, it can increase sensation and orgasm. The P Shot can help with lichen sclerosis (an autoimmune disease) or Peyronie’s disease. There is literally no side effect, no allergic reactions. Many studies showed PRP induces healing and restores blood flow.

Viagra to Priapus Shot Comparison


Treats the symptoms, like pain meds.

  • Side effects: HA, facial flushings, stuffy nose, indigestion, blue tint vision
  • No spontaneity
  • Contraindicated if heart condition or prostate problems
  • Tolerance to medication, wearing off
  • Satisfaction 70%

Priapus Shot:

Treats the source of the problem, poor blood flow and the smooth muscle of the penis.

  • Natural
  • No side effects
  • Spontaneous
  • Long-lasting
  • No medication
  • Increase sensation
  • 85% satisfaction

Factors To Consider

Priapus Shot outcome can be affected by Factors Affecting Healing. Like decreased oxygen due to heart or lung conditions. Nutrition, Smoking and alcohol can impair healing as well as cortisone.

When Can You Not Get Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

There are some conditions under which you should not get this treatment:

  1. Active infections
  2. Immunocompromised status
  3. Blood clotting disorders or an if on coumadin an INR greater than 2.5
  4. Pain or infection in the prosthetic joint

Additional Applications

PRP can be used in conjunction with bone marrow stem cells and adipose stem cells to treat more advanced cases. This is an exciting era for regenerative medicine, research on platelets which plasma continues to show advancement and improvement in orthopedic and soft tissue healing. Aside from soft tissue healing for aesthetic and sexuality conditions PRP therapy indication also include:

  • Chronic pain and arthritis pain from the knee, ankle, shoulder, and hip
  • Ligament injury: Ankle, plantar fascia, sacroiliac joint, knee, and hip
  • Tendon injury: Medial and lateral epicondylitis rotator cuff injury hip tendinitis and ankle tendinitis
  • Acute and chronic muscle tears-like hamstrings and quadriceps.

Who does the Priapus Shot (P-Shot) NOT benefit?

Nothing is perfect: Some patients simply are not good candidates for such procedures. For those who are dealing with psychological ED the P-Shot would not be a choice.


The Priapus Shot® offers a protocol for enhancing an overall, synergistic approach to treating ED. For example, The P Shot with Shock Wave Therapy, penile pumping, hormones replacement, Kegels exercises, peptides with PT 141, lifestyle changes. These treatments modalities are more effective if ED is treatment early within a year or two. Safety is further emphasized by the literature indicating that not only are there no reports of serious allergic reactions to PRP, but research also shows that PRP can reduce the autoimmune response.

The treatment of Peyronie’s Disease with the P shot is probably safer and more effective than collagenase injections.

I see sexual health as going to the dentist for a cleaning. You get your teeth every 6 months to preserve your teeth when you’re older.

Similarly, getting a P Shot is like cleaning and rejuvenating your penis tissues and blood vessels to preserve it when you get older. Every man over 40 should get a p shot for prevention if you don’t have ED and treatment if you have ED. This is not exclusive for men over 40, men over 20 can get PRP as well.

The P shot can increase sensation and help maintain girth for younger men without ED.

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