May 18, 2023 2:30 pm

Get ready to dive into an exciting conversation about two crucial aspects of men's sexual well-being: conquering performance anxiety and maximizing testosterone levels. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the amazing Chas Gessner to explore these topics in depth.

Performance anxiety can be a common concern for many men. Chas will be sharing valuable insights on how to navigate through it. We'll also dive into the fascinating world of testosterone, the hormone that plays a vital role in energy, libido, and overall vitality.

Stay tuned, because this conversation with Chas is bound to be a game-changer. I'll see you on the inside!

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About Chas Gessner

Chas Gessner

As a pro football player, Chas became accustomed to doing everything he could to maximize his health, performance, and recovery.

Upon retiring, he quickly learned that the healthcare system was not set up to optimize health. But rather treat people who were already sick. The consumer wellness space was rife with BS companies making unsubstantiated claims about their products and services with no diagnostics to back them up.

He took what he learned about human performance and how to build an integrative approach to optimization. He built a platform to address one of the most foundational yet often overlooked or misunderstood aspects of men's health.

The Endocrine System

The endocrine system controls your hormones, energy levels, reproduction, growth, stress response, resilience and mood. Endocrine disruption is getting worse fast. Fertility levels are plummeting where the average 30-year-old has the testosterone levels of a 60-year-old just twenty years ago. Billions are being spent annually on the symptoms, with no safe and easy solution to address the root of the problem.

Vitality Rx

Vitality Rx is a “Theragnostic” endocrine optimization platform for men. It combines in-home diagnostics with telemedicine to provide personalized subscription wellness programs.

Vitality Rx address the root cause of the most common symptoms men face as they age. With the launch of a cutting edge at-home test kit, Vitality Rx has modernized men’s health. It made tracking and treating key hormone biomarkers convenient, private, and accessible to all men.

Enhancing Resources and Accessibility to Maximize Performance

You should not limit yourself to just the healthcare system when trying to improve your performance. There are plenty of other choices available that can help you boost recovery, strength, energy levels and overall well-being. For instance, you could take a look at bodyworkers who specialize in different types of therapies such as massage therapy or acupuncture.

acupuncture therapy to improve performance and overall well-being
Photographer: Katherine Hanlon | Source: Unsplash

Incorporate these alternative treatments into your daily routine and tackle physical aspects along with mental and emotional ones efficiently. This will lead to better outcomes for your health.

In short words, stray from typical healthcare procedures and exploring integrative modalities. You will gain accessibility to valuable systems that enhance your performance keeping the process both friendly and easy to understand.

The Dangers of Google-ing Your Symptoms

Photographer: Nathana Rebouças | Source: Unsplash

You can't always trust Dr. Google to accurately diagnose your symptoms, so don't rely solely on it! Taking advice from your primary doctor may not be enough when looking for ways to boost performance, energy, and recovery. They might not have the necessary expertise in these areas. That's why you should consider personalized integrative solutions that cater specifically to what you need if you want optimal results.

So, make sure that healthcare professionals who specialize in integrative approaches take a look at those complex issues affecting you.

Accessing the Right Care for Your Performance

A lot of people don't know where to begin when it comes to their health and performance. How do you figure out if a doctor doesn't have expertise in prevention? Is the advice they're giving based on fact or not?

To address these worries, it's important to find doctors who've been trained in integrative healthcare methods. Seek professionals who will provide practical steps and strategies that are customized for your specific needs.

Vitality Rx was designed to minimize hassles and maximize access to quality care. It streamlines getting diagnostic-based treatments. Individuals can prioritize their performance and well-being without jumping through tons of hoops.

By looking for doctors specializing in preventive medicine combined with using resources like Vitality Rx, personalized care becomes much more accessible. Also, decision-making is simplified, all without unnecessary obstacles!

Addressing the Psychological Aspects of ED for Maximum Performance

Addressing the Psychological Aspects of ED for Maximum Performance
Photographer: Robina Weermeijer | Source: Unsplash

When you can't get it up, people usually don't think about the psychological stuff. Although, that's not to say mental health isn’t a factor – it doesn't help! Still, what causes the performance problem is messed up hormones and endocrine dysfunction.

Your lifestyle affects your body in more ways than one too. Sleeping habits, stress levels, cigarette smoking, beers with buds- all of that impacts how your body works on a hormonal level big time. Basically, when everything isn't running' smooth hormone-wise… well let's just say things tend to go limp.

Most guys don’t realize they got issues with their hormones. Not until there are already other complications creeping in because of consistently bad performance. You got to keep both hormonal AND cool-headed thoughts in mind when dealing with erectile problems. That way, you can hit them head-on by fixing root causes before moving onto any band aid fixes like Viagra or Cialis.

Balanced Testosterone Levels for Performance and Overall Well-being

Testosterone is often known as the master regulator of hormones. It performs a critical function in your body. When testosterone is at balance and at an optimum stage, it acts like a growing tide that affects various aspects of your health.

Testosterone affects overall performance, including energy levels, libido, recovery, and mood. These elements immediately affect our sexual function and overall well-being. That's why it's essential to have your hormone levels checked by a healthcare professional.

By getting your hormone ranges evaluated, you can gain valuable insights into your testosterone levels. Make sure they're inside a healthful range. This allows you to take necessary steps to address any imbalances and optimize your overall health, including sexual performance.

Abusing of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Abusing of Testosterone Replacement Therapy to Treat Performance Problems
Photographer: Mufid Majnun | Source: Unsplash

Often in the medical field, testosterone replacement therapy is excessively utilized, and some may even abuse it. Which is reminiscent of those with ED being medicated with Cialis without any thorough diagnosis. It's a comparable situation where the instinct is to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy in the presence of hormone fluctuations.

Applying only those treatments comparable to a band-aid may give momentary relief, however, they fail to locate and handle the actual problems. As a final solution, rather than a primary response, testosterone replacement therapy must be evaluated, even though it may be required in a few situations.

To truly prioritize your performance and well-being, you must shift your attention to the underlying building blocks of your health. Scratch the surface of your habits and examine facets such as dietary choices, physical activity, stress management techniques, and nutrient intake. Making tweaks to these fundamental aspects can reap remarkable outcomes. This will elevate you from a four to a more desirable realm of wellness, whether that be a five, seven or even an eight.

Navigating Sexual Pleasure and Communication in Relationships

When a guy engages in watching porn, he knows exactly what arouses him. However, there can be hesitance or reservations when it comes to being with a partner or having sex with another person. There may be concerns about how it looks or what to expect of them in those situations.

However, the key to unlocking this dilemma lies in communication. Open and honest communication is vital between two people in a relationship. By fostering a climate of trust and understanding, partners can discuss their desires, vulnerabilities, and pleasures.

Through effective communication, individuals can express their needs, preferences, and boundaries. This emotional attunement allows for a deeper connection, allowing partners to navigate their sexual experiences in a way that is satisfying and fulfilling for both.

How Chas Gessner Overcame His Performance Anxiety

“I think realizing that it's all in your own head and it really doesn't matter. Like we're all human, I think like reminding yourself that that's a component of it. That having some kind of sexual dysfunction, or really having any kind of weakness is doesn't make you weak or doesn't make you less of a man.”

Dealing with performance anxiety is closely tied to becoming more at ease in your own skin. Especially when it comes to intimate situations like having sex with a potential partner for the first time or being on a date.

Anxiety often arises from the gap between what is happening and how we want things to happen. It's the space between reality and our desired reality. However, we can bridge that gap by recognizing that it all boils down to one thing—reality itself. It doesn't matter what we wish or what others think; reality remains as it is.

Everyone has faults and weaknesses. Life brings both great and not-so-great moments. The key is to find comfort in your own self and your own experiences. Embrace the fact that you are human. That includes embracing imperfections and the unpredictable nature of life. By being comfortable with yourself and your own reality, you can navigate performance anxiety with greater ease.

Why Meditation is Important for Your Performance and Health

Photographer: Colton Sturgeon | Source: Unsplash

Many guys may perceive meditation as something mystical or outlandish, dismissing it as "woowoo." However, the ability to pause, tune out external distractions, quiet the mind, and be fully present in the moment is, in fact, a remarkable superpower.

Beyond its mental and emotional benefits, meditation also offers physiological advantages by helping to balance and optimize hormones. Scientific studies have shown the impact of meditation on cortisol, a stress hormone. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can disrupt various physiological functions. Meditation provides a way to counteract this and restore balance.

By incorporating meditation into your routine, you can tap into its scientifically proven effects on hormone regulation and overall well-being. It's an accessible tool that empowers you to take control of your mental, emotional, and physical health.

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