May 24, 2024 8:15 pm

Have you ever thought that your erection could tell you something about your health?

In this podcast episode, we'll talk about a new device called the FirmTech. This ring can measure how firm your erections are and even track them at night. Dr. Elliot Justin will join us to discuss why this is important for your overall health.

We'll also learn why regular checkups are important and why sexual health is becoming a bigger topic in medicine. Did you know a healthy sex life can be good for you?

Tune in to hear about FirmTech, how to keep your blood flowing well, and how to improve your sex life and overall health. This show could change the way you think about staying healthy!

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The Importance of Morning Wood or Nocturnal Erection

Many guys wake up with an erection, sometimes called morning wood. This is actually normal and a good sign! Doctors say having erections at night, 3 to 5 times, is healthy for men. Also, note that these erections aren't just about sex. They can also show how well your heart is working.

If a man stops having these erections at night, it could be a warning sign of heart trouble in the next few years. So, paying attention to morning wood can be a simple way to check on your overall health.

Measuring Erection Firmness with FirmTech

Measuring Erection Firmness with FirmTech Performance Ring

A new device called the TechRing by FirmTech can help men track their erections. This ring measures firmness and keeps track of how many erections you get at night, how long they last, and how firm they are during sex.

This information can be helpful for both you and your doctor to see how things like health problems, medications, and even your daily routine affect your sex life. By wearing the TechRing at night or during sex, men can get easy-to-understand information to improve their sexual health.

The Benefits of Sex

Sex can be great for your health in many ways! It can help you chill out by lowering stress hormones, keep your heart healthy, and make you feel happier and more connected with your partner. Even if you're not with someone, regular sexual activity can improve blood flow to certain parts and boost your overall well-being.

Work-Life-Sex Balance

Achieving a healthy work-life-sex balance is crucial. Sexual health is a critical part of life. Also, maintaining it can lead to a lifetime of satisfying and healthy relationships. So get your data, put a ring on it, and prioritize your sexual health today.

Enhancing Erection and Sexual Performance

Cock rings, traditionally seen as taboo, should be mainstreamed as they significantly enhance sexual performance. Dr. Justin advocates for using FirmTech's Maximum Performance Ring, designed to produce harder, longer-lasting erections and more intense orgasms. This device constrains venous return while allowing arterial blood flow, keeping the penis engorged and improving erection quality.

Penis pumps also play a role in maintaining sexual health by exercising the penile muscles, ensuring good blood flow. Regular use of these devices can help men sustain better erections and improve overall sexual performance.

The Role of Blood Work in Sexual Health

Dr. Justin says checking your blood is super important to find the cause of ED, a problem where men have trouble getting an erection. Blood tests can show things like diabetes, high cholesterol, or low testosterone. These can all make getting an erection difficult. Men should get their blood checked to find these problems early instead of just taking pills like Viagra or Cialis.

Sexual Health: A Critical Component of Medicine

Doctors don't always talk about sex with patients, even though it's important for overall health. Dr. Justin says doctors should ask patients about their sex life and be open about talking about it. Also, as mentioned, having sex regularly is good for you in many ways, like lowering stress and helping your heart.

So, it's just as important for doctors to recommend a healthy sex life as it is to tell you to eat right and exercise.

About Dr. Elliot Justin

Dr. Justin is a medical doctor who is passionate about sexual health. He founded FirmTech, a company that develops products to help people improve their sexual health. Their first product is a ring for men called TechRing. It helps men track their erections and learn more about their sexual health. Dr. Justin also has experience running other healthcare companies. He is also a successful entrepreneur who wants to use technology to improve people's lives.

Connect with Dr. Justin

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Final Thoughts

FirmTech's innovative approach to sexual health provides men with the tools they need to monitor and improve their erection fitness. By measuring nocturnal erections and using devices like the TechRing and Maximum Performance Ring, men can take control of their sexual health and overall well-being. Additionally, prioritizing blood work and open discussions about sexual health with healthcare providers can lead to better outcomes and a healthier, more fulfilling sex life.

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