May 25, 2023 2:01 pm

Do you know there is a test that you can take to see if you have erectile dysfunction (ED) or not? And to see if you improve after treatment?

Well, stay tuned in this episode, as I dive into the world of ED. I will shed light on a crucial aspect of ED that often remains unexplored.

Join me as I uncover the valuable insights surrounding the ED test and treatment journey.

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Talking about sexual health can be intimidating for most men. Many men may feel hesitant to talk about their sexual health problems due to the social taboo surrounding issues.

The negative connotation surrounding conditions like erectile dysfunction frequently generates reticence and separation, depriving sufferers of the treatment they need. But learning valuable information, clearing up common misunderstandings, and identifying possible ways to manage a condition may help individuals feel more confident about taking charge of their physical fitness.

International Erectile Dysfunction Test

There is a test that has been used for the past two decades, the International Erectile Dysfunction Test (IEF) or the SHIM test. This test has been validated by research as well as been used by doctors throughout the world to grade the severity of erectile dysfunction. Doctors also use it to help them determine treatment protocol.

Also, there was a large study that was done on 3000 men. They found out, according to this questionnaire, that about 67% of them don't even know that they even have ED.

man answering ED questionnaire
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The questionnaire shows five questions and you will answer it from a scale of one to five. You will base your answer on what your symptoms are within the past six months.

If your score is:

  • 22 to 25 – no ED
  • 17 to 21 – mild ED
  • 12 to 16 – mild-moderate ED
  • 8 to 11 – moderate ED
  • 5 to 7 – severe ED

Your Score and Its Corresponding ED Treatment

Your score will help, at least for me, me in how I recommend treatment. The more severe erectile dysfunction you have, you probably need more intensive and longer treatment. Versus someone with mild or even mild-moderate.

Oftentimes, if you're older and you have a decade of ED and without medication, you'll probably be severe. But it can be treated! I've had patients that are severe, scoring at five, that was treated platelet-rich plasma, shockwave therapy, testosterone, combination with Botox, and lifestyle modification. That patient forgo from severe to even a mild.

When your ED is mild and you keep on with good lifestyle modifications such as minimize alcohol, no smoking, sleep, stress reduction, exercise, and a Mediterranean diet, you can have improvement.

In the severe patient and patient that has at least two decades of ED, it may take longer as in like maybe in six months to nine months, to see the improvement. Versus if you are a mild, score is between 17 and 21, then maybe just lifestyle modifications will be able to reverse your ED.

So, as with anything, if you start treating it early, it doesn't take that much to reverse it. If moderate, even mild ED, you can actually have reversal fairly quickly, within probably a month to three months. But you let it go for decades, it's gonna take a lot longer to treat it at this time.

Your ED Did Not Occur Overnight

Just know that your erectile dysfunction didn't occur overnight. It takes years to have symptomatic ED. But the good news is that you can reverse it and there are new treatments to reverse it like my framework of the Get Hard System.

This system addresses the six systems such as the brain, the emotion, the hormones, and the blood vessels, the nerve, and then the penis muscle. My framework of the Get Hard System is the new way to treat erectile dysfunction that will restore function again without medication.

Also, we've seen it work in thousands of men. So now, if you feel that you're not performing well, take this test, see where you're at, and try it. Then as you make the improvement, about three months later, take this test again and see where you're at. This is the objective of measuring your performance.

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