June 17, 2022 2:48 pm

Does size really Matter? Is "bigger" better? About 45% of men reported being unsatisfied with their penis size. The length of a penis when flaccid wasn’t a predictor of its length when erect.

Girth is most desirable in terms of appearance and intimate relations. Penis enhancement injections have the greatest effect on penis girth or width. Recent studies from the University of Texas have shown that 90% of male partners prefer increase in penile girth (width) over an increase in length.

New technology with dermal fillers has allowed a breakthrough in penile enhancement. The same products which are FDA approved to enhance cheeks and chins are injected into the penile shaft and head to significantly increase the girth and width of the penis.

In this episode, I will discuss with Dr. William Song:

  • What is a common penis size
  • Penile enlargement with dermal fillers
  • What are risks and complications of penile enlargement
  • Why do men get enlargement procedures and transformation they get from the change.
  • And more

Does Size Really Matter Episode Contents

Does Size Really Matter Episode Video

Introducing Dr. William Song

Anne: Hey, we're glad to be here. Dr. William Song is not only a great physician, but also a very good friend. And I have the honor of having known him for years. And here today, he's a special guest and we're going to talk about something that will be interest for everyone, as we're going to talk about what is the penis size and how to enlarge it and what goes on. So Dr. William Song is a recognized expert in cosmetic surgery, particularly using your own fat to transform you into young and sexy looking. He is also board certified in internal medicine, and he's also certified in American Board of Laser Surgery, and he is instructor for doctors all over the world, teaching them how to do fat as well as PRP procedures for cosmetic application as well.

And he's the one that actually taught me how to do penile enlargement as well. So we're talking to the expert, who's been doing this for many years and has pioneer the technique on penile enlargement. So let's start out with the question, is larger better when it comes to penis size?

William: Well, Anne, first of all, thank you so much for having me.
Anne: My honor.

William: This is a great honor to be on your show. And yeah. So this is a topic that is gaining a lot more interest lately, because for the longest time, this is something that men have wanted for forever, for centuries. But now, we actually have techniques that we can actually increase the size safely. In the past, it wasn't really worth talking about because there was nothing you can do about it, but now we can. So I'm really excited to be here so that we can talk and let people know what's possible.

Shocking First Experience With A Patient

Shocking First Experience With A Patient
Photographer: Desmond Lingard

Anne: Right. So what we're talking about is that, before, if you wanted to have a larger penis, you would have to get a surgery where they cut into you and they would implant like a mesh or something that will permanently enlarge it. So there's a technique that Dr. Song had been doing for years that is really mainly invasive, that gives you result almost immediately and is aesthetically beautiful. So can you tell us a little bit more about that penile enlargement procedure?

William: Yeah. So let me just tell you, give you a little bit of background. When I was a medical student, the first time that I even heard of anybody having things like this, I had a patient, he was an older guy, he was in the hospital for a different reason and I was examining him.

He opened up his robe and he had the biggest penis that I've ever seen. It was huge. And I just jumped back and he was like, "All right. Don't. It's just an implant." And I'm like, "Implant?" And he explained to me that they actually did it for erectile dysfunction. They put a rod, actual plastic implant into his penis so that he can have intercourse.

William: And he regretted that it was too big. It was not really functional. And also at that time with the type of implant he had, it was almost like a permanent erection. So it wasn't very convenient. And that's the first time I learned that people were actually doing this type of stuff. And then-

Anne: How long ago was that?
William: Oh, that's going to be 30 years ago.
Anne: Oh my goodness.
William: Yeah.
Anne: Poor guy though.
William: Probably more than that.
Anne: You having that, walking around with that all the time.

Penile Enlargement With Current Technology

Penile Enlargement With Current Technology
Photographer: Testalize.me

William: Yeah. So then the technology improved, they had the ones that you can pump up as needed. But it's still involve putting an implant into the penis and they lose all sensitivity and it doesn't feel. So they lose all pleasure in sex. And that was before Viagra and any erectile dysfunction treatment. So that's basically all they had. So since then, there have been developments where people have used fat and fillers to try to increase the penile size. The problem was that a lot of times, people had a difficult time trying to get that right to make it look right. The fat didn't really stay and fillers could be lumpy.

So when I started performing the procedures, which actually I started doing it at the request of a patient, because I started doing erectile dysfunction with the PRP after I learned how to do the P-shot from Dr. Ronalds. And so we started treating people for that, and it does increase the size a little bit. But then started getting people that just wanted the size. They weren't really here for the function. They were more interested in the size, and just using PRP wasn't enough. And so I started using some fillers and then I figured out ways to make it, so it doesn't come out lumpy. And I think that was the key.

What Dermal Filler Does

Anne: Tell us about filler. What is filler and how does it enlarge the penis? Does it enlarge length and girth? What does filler do?

William: Yeah. So fillers are substances, different types of substance. The most common is hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that's normal in your body. And it's very common for treating your face. So you have people putting it in their lips, putting it in their cheeks. So volumize a face, there's a lot of different fillers that you can use to do that. And so my one patient asked me, "Why don't you put it down there for me?" And I said, "I had never actually heard of anybody doing that. So I had to really do a lot of research and look around."

And there were some people down in South America and Europe using fillers, different types of fillers. There had been some complications where people injected it into the wrong place, because there's blood vessels down there that you should not inject it into. And there have been some disasters from people doing that.

So you really have to know the anatomy and know where to safely inject it. And if you do know where to inject and more importantly where not to inject, then you can actually do it very safely. So now, I've been doing this for almost 10 years. And it's really kind of an art form. You have to just get it right aesthetically as well as functionally. And so we can actually increase the girth, which is the thickness. The length is a little bit trickier because you can't actually increase the erectile length by putting fillers in. But by adding weight to it, you can make the flaccid length longer because it's just going to hang lower because of the extra weight.

So you can make it look pretty impressive. And once men discover that it's possible to do that, I think pretty soon, it's going to be like breast implants for women.

Does Size Really Matter? The Connection Of Size And Performance

Does Size Really Matter? The Connection Of Size And Performance
Photographer: Victor Freitas

Anne: Right. But let's go back to the bigger mean better performance for men and better satisfaction for women.

William: So there's this thing called micro penis. And the actual definition of a micro penis, I think, you might know this better, but less than three inches.

Anne: I think it's less than three inches.
William: Yeah. Three inches.
Anne: Erect.

William: Yeah, three inches erect. Okay? But it's like this term, once men hear about micro penis and they're looking down there and they're thinking, "Do I have a micro penis?" And that's actually a very common thing that people come out. They say, "I think I have a micro penis. I need your help." And most of the times, they're quite normal, right? And you looked into this and you said the average men’s penis

Average Size Of The Penis And Why Some Men Want It Bigger

Anne: So there were 21 studies that were done. And I did a review of this on episode eight. So if you need to listen to it in more detail, go back to episode eight on my show and I talk about penis size. And there were 21 review studies and there was one that looked at 15,000 men of all nationalities and races. And for flaccid penis, the length is 3.6, and the girth is actually 3.66. So at flaccid, the length and the girth is almost the same.

Anne: However, in erect penis, the length is 5.1 and the girth is 4.6. So it seems like when the penis is erect, there is on average about 1.5 inch increase and about a one inch increase in girth.

And as you alluded to earlier, that most men are about at least five inches in length and for probably 4.6 inches in girth.

But like breasts and women, it's all about beauty in the eye of the beholder and what makes them happy. Right? And so you were saying that most of the time when the come and see you, they're actually pretty normal size then.

Size And Performance

William: Yeah. So in answer to your previous question, does it actually increase the function to make it bigger? I mean, unless you actually have a micro penis, it's not really going to change. And most men that come to me for it are not coming to me to have it increased so they can actually have intercourse or procreate. They're just having it just like women get breast implant. They just want it bigger because they feel more confident, they feel better about themselves and they can. They do it because they can. So I think it's more about how it makes them feel than actual function.

Anne: Right. Right. We also probably want to point out too that, in reality, those are the normal sizes and not what you see in the media or in porn, which is totally different than what is normal.

What You See In Media Is Beyond Average

William: Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's part of the reason why so many men have issue with this because, even from a young age, I remember being in junior high school and having other guys just brag about their eight inch or 10 inch numbers. And so I thought that was the normal size because they were all talking about how big they were. Then you get, if you ever get exposed to the porn, then you see these men with huge porn penises. So then you think that's normal. I mean, as a doctor, we see it so we can see that, okay, that's not normal.

Normal people have normal size penises. But I mean a regular guy doesn't necessarily see a lot of penises so they don't know. They just assume that they're smaller because they just see what's in the media.

Anne: Right. And you brought up a good point because what you learn about sex is really porn or the media, right? It's not like when you're growing up, your parents going to show your little video, "Oh, this is what sex is about. This is the normal penis size." But what you learn is you learn on your own and you learn through those type of media outlet. And so they're not really truly reflection of what really goes on. And for a man, how often you see another man with an erect penis.

William: Yeah. Exactly.

Anne: Probably not, right? You go in the locker room and you see a flaccid, but how often do you see an erect penis. You know what I mean? I just thought about that. I mean, for a woman, how often do you see another woman vagina and compare yourself, other than if it's you and me who does this on a daily basis, who can tell? And oftentimes, I'll tell patient too, who come and see me for penile enlargement. I said, "You know, you are pretty average. And you're right smack on average. And I understand you do this, but just know that you're okay. But I understand that, like I said, it's all how make you feel and is a personal issue." Right?

William: Yeah. And by the way, that's also probably the most common question when women come to get their laser hair removal, if they want to get like a full hair removal. They're always asking, "Am I normal?" Because like you said, they don't have anything to compare with. So they want to know if they look normal.

Anne: Well, you and I have seen a lot of penises and vagina and everyone looked different. Everyone looked different. They all are normal. Right? And I always tell patient, I say, "You are very, very normal and everybody is unique as well." And I want the listener to comment down below about what your thoughts are about what we talk about. And do you actually measure yourself? Let's talk about how to measure a penis at flaccid and also at erect.

Measuring Your Member

William: Yeah. So typically, when they do medical studies, and you pointed out that there were actually studies that they measure penis length. So the way they do it is obviously they're not making people get erections to measure it. When they're trying to get the erect length, basically it's the stretched length of the penis. You stretch it as far as you can stretch it and you measure it from the base to the tip.

Okay. So I found this little light bulb extender. If you're measuring from the base, I don't know if you can see that, to the tip, so you're going to measure it right from the base to the tip. So this is a little bit over five inches. So that's how you measure the length and you're going to have them pull it and stretch it while you measure it. And then to get the circumference, you're going to actually measure around like this.

Anne: Right. The circumference should be at the base of the penis and not in the middle of the penis, right?

William: Yeah. I mean, that's for consistency, if you're doing a study. But if you're just trying to measure it, you can measure it at any point.

Anne: Right. Right.

William: But that's how you measure it. And what I actually like to do to get… So when we do our treatments, we have pumps. We have these cylinders. This kind of forces an erection using a vacuum. So there are different sizes. This one, it says one and three quarters, and that's circumference. So you can just… If you fit into this one and the edges are touching, that's your maximum girth, and you can also measure the length. And I think for my patients, I do this as this is more consistent, I think, than stretching.

William: And then you can use the different cylinder sizes to measure it. So that's how I measure it. But the stretch length and the circumference is how it's typically measured.

Anne: Oh, I see. Yeah. What I usually you do is I measure it flaccid, and then I'll give patient a little Trimix injection and then measure it at actual physiological erect state. It's actually very accurate. You can do that right before and then after the procedure where we put in filler and also PRP.

William: Yeah. So Trimix, by the way, is an injection that you can do, which actually causes an erection within five minutes. And so that's a good way to do it. But it is an injection.

Anne: With a very, very, very small needle.

William: Yeah. Yeah.

Anne: And a lot of men use Trimix to help them get an erection anyway. So it's a very, very small needle and almost like painless though. Thanks for showing me that. That's a really a good way to measure your erection at home by using the vacuum pump.

William: Yeah. And what's nice is when we do the enlargement procedures, they actually have to graduate to bigger pumps and that's very satisfying for them when they ask for a bigger pump

Anne: You're right. I do remember that. And in fact, I have the different cylinder sizes in my office, the large and extra large, but the extra large is, I think, two and a half-ish.

William: Yeah. Yeah. You know what? I think the pump is actually, they're measuring the diameter rather than the circumference.

Anne: Right?
William: Yeah.
Anne: You're absolutely right.

Patients After The Procedure

Anne: So what type of transformation do you see in your patients once they have the procedure to enlarge their penis? And when you do the procedure, how much more increase in girth than with the procedure? Because the procedure doesn't really increase length, right? It's really more increasing in girth.

William: Yeah. So I typically get about an inch increase in girth with this treatment, which is about five syringes of filler. Then they can come back. And I don't like to do more than that in one sitting, because if you have any kind of irregularities or anything like that, I want to be able to adjust it with the next round of treatment. And if you do too much, it tends to shift. So the ideal amount in one setting for me is five syringes.

Anne: Right. I see. And what transformation do you see?
William: Well, I had one of my patients described it as life changing.
Anne: Like what. What happened?

William: He just felt that he got so much more confidence. I mean, obviously you can't see it.

Like people aren't going to see it like if you have a breast implant, but just knowing that you're bigger gives a lot of confidence to men.

It's kind of a guy thing. In fact, I think, probably the biggest disservice is to give a lot of testosterone… I know we do hormone replacements, but to give a lot of testosterone to a man with a small penis is asking for disaster, because then they get this complex. They get this all hormones raging, and they know they're small and they're angry.

Anne: A small angry penis.
William: With testosterone raging.
Anne: I see.

William: I mean there is treatment. And the thing is, a lot of people still don't think that it's possible because we're so used to getting these spam emails and things like, "Oh, increase your size," and all that. And most of them are just spam and scams to just take your money and a lot of people have probably tried one of those and just found out it's a scam. So they have this idea that none of it works. But there are real treatments that can help with it.

Anne: Oh, absolutely. And that's where I'd like to end that. If you're interested in getting enlargement for your manhood, then go to the expert, go to people that have done this for a while, that knows what to do when complication happen. And some of the complication is what Dr. Song has said is, there is blood vessel down there, you can get blood clot, you can get malformation, you can get-

William: Embolism.
Anne: Emboli.

Additional Info About Fillers

Yeah. So the fillers and stuff, I mean, it is kind of costly, but it's not something that you want to go to some third world country to get the cheap material that we can't get here because it's not safe. That's definitely something you don't want to do. And I tell you, it's cheaper than some of the substitutes, like a fancy car.

Anne: Oh, true.
William: You can spend a fraction of the money

Anne: No. No. I wanted to say that these fillers and the PRP, is it permanent or is it semi permanent?

William: So there're different types of fillers. And hyaluronic ironic acid fillers are going to be the safest because if it didn't come out right, you know it's going to go away and it's reversible as well. There's an enzyme that can reverse it. But there are more permanent options. Fillers like Sculptra can last a couple of years, and Bellafill is pretty much permanent because it's micro implants.

William: So there are different options. If you're going to somebody who's… your doctor is just getting started in it, you might want to just do the hyaluronic acid, because if you don't like the way it came out, you can always reverse it.

About Our Guest, Dr. William Song

Dr. Song is a recognized expert in advanced, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. Dr. Song is a pioneer in crossing over the principles and techniques of regenerative medicine into the field of Aesthetics. Dr. Song practiced for 15 years as a board certified Internal Medicine specialist before switching to Aesthetics in 2007. He is certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery in Cosmetic Laser Surgery. 

He can be contacted at www.hungshot.com or www.omniaesthetics.com

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