December 1, 2022 1:30 pm

Humans have developed practices for longevity and vitality since ancient times. While times have certainly changed, our bodies are more or less similar. It begs the question: what healthy practices have been lost to time that could seriously improve our energy and vitality?

I want to unpack 3 things that Dr. Siri Chand Khalsa revealed that are the secrets to a healthier sex life. The shifts are so simple that it’s a mystery why so many more men are not practicing them.

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Improve Your Gut Health

The starting point to unlocking long-term health and performance is the simplest one. It’s what you eat. Eating a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet is the first step in regaining vitality.

Nutrient-rich foods improve your microbiome, the bacteria in the gut that help maintain healthy bodily functions. People often forget that gut health is the key that affects all other systems in the body (including those involved in having an erection).

As the antithesis, Dr. Khalsa talked about how nutrient-poor diets confuse and misinform the body. Eating highly processed foods may feel filling, but your gut is not receiving the nutrients it needs to function at a high level. With a plant-based diet, you inform the gut to allow your body to perform its executive functions optimally.

Remember, plant-based doesn’t mean you don’t eat meat. Plant-forward diets ensure you eat a higher density of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that aid in long-term health and lower risks of chronic diseases and inflammation (all of which can negatively affect erectile function).

Adjust Your Relationship to Light

I’ve spoken about good sleep a lot on this platform, but it might be beneficial to think of sleep as your relationship with light. How your body responds to light can vastly improve your sleep cycle.

For instance, what is your routine when you’re about to go to sleep? Do you stare at your phone to wind down? Most people do, but the problem is our body is still absorbing the blue light from our monitors. That means we are less likely to produce the melatonin needed for a healthy sleep cycle. Even when you do fall asleep, it might not be as restful.

Our bodies naturally release “sleep hormones” around 10 pm. At this time, we should be trying to wind down with an activity that doesn’t require blue light (like what phones and TVs give off). Instead, practice reading a book, writing, or even just lying still until you’re ready to sleep.

The best time to wake up is when the sun begins to rise or 30 minutes after. That is when the light mixture is perfect for your body to absorb so it can produce the hormones it needs to function at its peak throughout the day. Going outside in the morning and taking in the sun is a great practice and leads to long-term health.

Manage Your Stress

This one seems obvious, but it might be the hardest to practice. We all experience daily stressors, but our response to them is the key differentiator for vitality. The two aspects that will aid you in stress management are meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation is a practice that can help you sort your thoughts into what is serving you well and what isn’t. It allows you to pause, calm your senses, and reconnect with your mind and body. Learn to meditate in a way that fits your needs.

Meditation is a practice that can help you sort your thoughts into what is serving you well and what isn’t

Mindfulness sometimes sounds esoteric or overused, but it just refers to how you reattune and reconnect with your body through your mind. As a best practice, when you’re hit with a stressful situation, allowing yourself to shift to a state of curiosity can allow helping your body produce fewer stress hormones and change how you respond.

Overall, we need to learn to pause to respond instead of reacting. When you react in anger or panic, you trigger hormones that also cause inflammation and deplete you of energy, two elements that are detrimental to erectile function.

Final Thoughts

These 3 things can lead to a happier, healthier you. The beauty of it is that it’s so simple, and you can see positive results within just weeks of starting. Remember, start with the gut. What are you putting in your body? Plant-based or Mediterranean diets are the best starting points to regulate your microbiome and reclaim healthy gut function.

After that, shift your focus to sleep. Sleep is one of the essential factors in maintaining vitality, and thinking of it as a relationship with light may help you make the adjustments you need to get back into a good rhythm.

Lastly, take care of your mind. Be kind to yourself and approach daily life with a sense of curiosity that allows you to pause and respond to the stress the day can bring.

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